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Gentle Dreams Cooling Pack Usage

For cold use: Put the cooling pack into refrigerator for a couple of hours before use or put it into freezer for 20-30 minutes when it is urgently needed. It should be used inside the pocket of the eye mask.

Warm use: Put the eye mask into hot (not boiling) water for a couple of minutes until it has a comfortable temperature, do not put it into microwave, this can damage the cooling/heat pack. Do not overheat, the pack must have a comfortable temperature. Overheating can cause burning of the skin and/or eyes.


This product can improve ocular micro-circulation, eliminate eye fatigue, resume the plasticity of ciliary muscle, prevent vision decline, it has an efficacy of relaxing the eye and refreshing the brain.

The cooling/heat pack can be used to alleviate headaches, prevent restlessness, lighten migraine, neurasthenia and insomnia of brain fatigue syndrome.Also the cooling/heat pack can remove eye bags and black eyes, improve the brightness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes.


The cool/heat pack is for external use only. Do not open or puncture the cooling pad. If broken or punctured, please discard the cooling pack. Do not have the contents of the cool/heat pack come in contact with the skin and/or eye. If this does happen, it must be washed by fresh tap water thoroughly. If swallowed the content by mistake, call a doctor immediately.

If you have a problem with your microcirculation system, please ask a dokter before using this product.

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