Rest Comfortably with the Gentle Dreams Sleep Mask with 100% light protection

Wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to meet the day!




Buy Gentle Dreams ™ Sleep Mask with 100% Light Protection

Need Complete Darkness To Sleep Better? The Perfect Choice for Uninterrupted Rest and Relaxation
Enjoy supreme sleep comfort from our ultra-silky smooth sleep mask fabric that is lightweight, breathable, cool, and delightfully relaxing; this is the ultimate bedtime indulgence. Fits all head sizes and holds silk-lined mask firmly in place – ideal for men and women, side, front or back sleepers.

Sleep Mask

Our Eye Mask for sleeping and Earplugs will provide a better sense of darkness and quiet to your body, allowing you to drift off to a blissful sleep and awaken rejuvenated and mentally focused. A unique gift for anyone wanting deep, uninterrupted sleep.
When you use Gentle Dreams ™ Sleep Mask you get the best experience possible. Only super-soft, super-smooth silk masks offers the breathable, cool relaxation of the soothing and relaxing deep sleep that you utterly deserve.

Sleep Mask

What sets our Gentle Dreams ™ Sleep Mask apart?

  • It comes with Natural silk sleep mask with Free Earplugs and silk carrying bag.
  • Feels Ultra-Soft One Size Fits all mask
  • Offers Very Lightweight With Adjustable Strap
  • Has pocket for heating/cooling pack
  • Built-in bottom pads that blocks light around nose area

Buy Gentle Dreams ™ Sleep Mask with 100% Light Protection


Combine the Gentle Dreams Sleeping Mask with a  Cooling Gel Therapy Pack

The gel-filled cooling tehrapy packs for the Gentle Dreams eye masks do a wonderful job getting rid of tired eyes. Some Sleep Mask users have at least three to five in their freezer at all times and enthusiastically spread the word of their magical powers to friends and colleagues.

Here’s why:

1. Midday sleep deprivation

Ten minutes under an icy cold mask wakes you right up. The act of sitting still, not looking at an electronic device, and soothing my eye area is almost meditative. Just put the cold cooling pack in the pocket of the eye mask and pull the mask over your head.

2. Headaches and migraines

Gel packs are soothing.. When tress and tension builds in the eye area, the cool sensation of the cooling pack will give more relief around the eye sockets and forehead than any headache medication.

3. When you are restless

You know how they say you’ll sleep better with a cool pillow? If I have trouble shutting off at the end of the day try to insert a cool gel pack in your eye mask and

4. Rough mornings

When no amount of concealer is enough, Put your sleep mask with a cold gel pack into the pocket and for a few minutes before work. Puffy circles will shrink immediately, it’s easier to apply makeup, and you will be wide awake!

5. If you got a cold or an allergy attack

When sinus pressure attacks, pop your gel pack microwave for 10 seconds (make sure you do not keep in in too long—if you want to be safe just soak in hot water for a couple of minutes). The heat calms my swollen eyes and nose.

Buy Gentle Dreams ™ Sleep Mask including one Gel Cool/Heat Therapy Pack